Add Missing Place On Google Map: To add any missing places to Google Map, Google Maps application is required. Linking the landmark to the map means that your place will be linked to Google.


In such a situation, whenever someone visits your place, only after seeing your address, he understands in which area your palace is located. In such a situation, there will be no problem in visiting your place. By reading this post, you can publish your shop, area, mall on the internet.


Adding any missing shop to Google Map is absolutely free. For this, the help of Android Google Map app will have to be taken.


Step 1


First of all open Google Map App.


After opening the app, click on the Map Type icon.


Step 2


Here a popup page will open. Select the Satellite icon on this page.


You can watch Youtube video to understand more.


Step 3


Here you have to select the location which you want to add to the Map App.


Press and hold on the place you want to add to the map.


Step 4


Here a page will open at the bottom. Scroll up this page.


Step 5


Many options will appear on this page. To add the place to Google Map, click on Add A Missing Place.


Step 6


The required information has to be entered on this page.


like :-


Place Name (Required)

Category (Required)

Add More Details

After entering all the required information click on submit button


After this you will see that your request has been submitted. Your place gets published after being reviewed by the Google Maps team.

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