Despite the fact that you can investigate the Himalayas by and large around the year, nothing can match the experience of a colder time of year trek. In winter, the Himalayan pinnacles are totally canvassed in a sweeping of snow. In the early hours of the day, you can see thick mist voyaging gradually over the sparkling snow-clad pinnacles that are lolling in the main beams of the Sun. Kedarkantha is one of only a handful of exceptional highest points where you can trek in the winters and catch the scene of nature at its fullest.Ascending to the level of 12,500 feet, Kedarkantha is India’s most loved trek. It is arranged in the Govind untamed life safe-haven in the Uttarkashi locale of Uttarakhand. Being situated in the Garhwal Himalayas, the pinnacle is encircled by various high-elevation mountains. Subsequently, you can partake in a 360° perspective on the Himalayan mountains from the highest point of Kedarkantha. Assuming that you are wanting to trek the Himalayas in winter, the Kedarkantha trek is your absolute best!The trek to the Kedarkantha culmination is around 20 Kilometres in length and as a rule requires 4-6 days to finish. The trek begins from the Sankri town of Uttarkashi, where you should reach by means of accessible methods of transport from Uttarkashi. You will get a brief look at the magnificence of Kedarkantha from your ride to Sankri itself.The excursion you set out on from the little town of Sankri closes solely after you arrive at the highest point of the Kedarkantha top, remunerating you with a deep satisfaction and achievement that waits on for a lifetime.Why Kedarkantha?What compensates for a genuine winter trek?A snow-shrouded trail, the frigid temperature, and staggering perspectives on snow-covered mountains surrounding you!The excellence of the Kedarkantha trek makes certain to give you the entirety of the abovementioned and considerably more!The trek begins from the little town of Sankri. Encircled by the superb Himalayan mountains go with you the vast majority of the trek. As you go on, the view gets dreamlike.Ride to SankriOne of the advantages of trekking in the Himalayas is likewise the excursions to the headquarters. The vast majority of the treks start in little towns where you can go by street in an excursion of 4-8 hours. These drives are brimming with fervour since they provide you with the main look at Himalaya’s rich greenery.Also, Sankri is situated around 200 kilometres from Dehradun. This 7-8 hours drive takes you through the lavish Himalayan valleys, the sputtering surges of Yamuna, Tons, and the little towns showing the nearby culture. The thick timberlands of the pine trees extending over roughly 18 kilometres and the foundation of shocking pinnacles add a mysterious touch to the drive.Trek To The SummitKedarkantha is a trek everybody ought to encounter once. Although a large portion of the path of Kedarkantha is a simple one, the trek from the base to the highest point provides you with the vibe of a genuine culmination trek. At the point when the plant life evaporates and you enter the snowline, all you can see is the culmination and the knee-profound blanketed trail driving you towards it. Subsequent to resting for some time at headquarters, you head towards the culmination at 12 PM to have the option to highest point the top in the early morning and return before night.You start your trek around 2 or 3 AM. You carefully make strides towards the highest point of Kedarkantha under the lights of your head light in the midst of freezing temperatures. While you make an endeavour to climb the pinnacle, the sun ascends from behind the mountains to compensate you with a lovely view. Besides the fact that it offers you a chance to observe nature’s wonders yet additionally urges you to feel free to arrive at the highest point of the mountain. When you arrive at the culmination, every one of your endeavours appears to be worth the effort. You get a sensation of fulfilment that will encourage you each time you think back.Dazzling Summit ViewKedarkantha, India’s number one trek, likewise has one of the most lovely culmination sees. The pinnacle ascending to an elevation of 12,500 feet is situated in the midst of a few astounding Himalayan mountains. In spite of the fact that you will get a brief look at certain tops while trekking too, the view from the highest point has an alternate appeal through and through. The couple of moments that you spent at the highest point of Kedarkantha, will everlastingly stay in your memory book.Amateur well disposedOn the off chance that you start your trek process with such a wonderful trek, your esteem and regard for mountains and trekking make certain to dramatically increase. To your sheer amazement, contrasted with the magnificent trek experience Kedarkantha offers you, it is way simpler to the highest point. Numerous amateurs like to do this trek. It is an incredible zenith of magnificence and experience.The whole trek covers an all out distance of around 20 kilometres more than 4-6 days. You should cover the distance of 4-5 kilometres every day. It is typically canvassed in 4-5 hours since a large portion of the path of Kedarkantha is not difficult to move with the exception of the last climb. The trek from the base to the highest point becomes testing in view of the rising height and more extreme slant. Accordingly, it requires 6-7 hours of commitment to finish the last culmination. By and large, the trouble level remaining parts are simple to direct for the whole trek. With a decent wellness level and mentality, it tends to be accomplished with negligible exertion.

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