A portable bidet is a mobile version of a bidet, a toilet-like bathroom fixture that provides a stream of hot water for personal cleaning instead of bathroom towels. Bidets are suitable for people with rectal or genital problems, or those who simply want to clean themselves hygienically after a bowel movement or intercourse. Portable bidet offer the same benefits as fixtures with the added convenience of travel.


So, after reading about all the benefits of owning a bidet, you are ready to buy a bidet. What are the different types of bidets and which one is best for you?


Ceramic (freestanding) bidet

These are traditional bidets separate from the toilet. They are wall-mounted and some temperatures can be adjusted. In modern times, such speech is useless. They take up a lot of space and are not suitable for small bathrooms. They also require special plumbing. Using them can be more of a hassle because you have to get up from the toilet and go to the freestanding bidet while the backside is still dirty. Most of these have been replaced by more modern bidet techniques, such as those on this list.


Handheld bidet sprayer

This type of dialect is common in Asian and Islamic countries. Think of it as a mini kitchen faucet sprayer for your private area. This is a hose-connected sprayer that usually uses a tee valve to divert water from the toilet to be used as a spray. The pressure generated depends on how hard you press the lever. Their advantage is that it is easy to direct traffic where you want. However, you have to use your hands to direct the flow of water, and it can be awkward to reach around and splash your butt area.


Bidet accessories

These are inexpensive bidet options commonly found in American homes. They are non-electric, and some models can dispense hot and cold water. They are generally easy to install, although installations that require hot and cold water connections are a bit more difficult because you need to connect the hot water connection, which is usually in the sink area. It happens in, not in the toilet area.


Travel or Portable Bidet

If you can’t stand using toilet paper outside, you can take a travel bidet. It is a pocket-sized, usually squeezable plastic bottle, with a bidet attachment sprayer on the end. You can fill them with hot water for the best experience. Some people may have to squeeze hard to get satisfactory pressure.


Electric bidet

These are also known as “Washlet” and “Bidets”. These are added to your existing toilet. All you have to do is buy the right toilet according to your toilet size and replace your existing plastic toilet seat with an electric bidet. You’ll also need a nearby power outlet. Water is diverted from the cold water inlet to the toilet tank through a T-valve. Most people can easily install these bidets without the need for a plumber or electrician.



At the end of the day, bidets are cleaner, eco-friendly, economical, comfortable, hygienic, and overall easier to use than toilet paper. You can buy all types of bidets from the online store at the best price.

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