lathe machine is one of the oldest machines. In 1797, an Englishman Henry Maudslay designed a thred screw cutting lathe. This is one of the most popular turning tools, the size of the lathe is done by the swing and the distance between the two centers head stock (top center) and tail stock (tail center).

The main function of the lathe is to remove the material from the back of the work, in which the metal is peeled by rotating the work section (Job) and running the sharp cutting tool across its length.


  1. Straight turning


  1. taper Taper turning


  1. thread cutting


  1. Grooving


  1. Facing


  1. knurling


  1. forming


  1. drillingĀ 


  1. boringĀ 


  1. parting off


  1. Tapping Cutting Inner Bangle


And there are many other things which are done in Lathe Davra.


The following points are kept in mind for determining the size of the lathe.


  1. Swing Diameter – This is the maximum diameter of which the job can move on the machine without touching the bed.


  1. Swing Diameter Over Carriage – This is the maximum diameter of which the job can move over the sandals of the lathe. It works with Swing Diameter


  1. Height of the center from the bed of the lathe


  1. Center Distance – Maximum of this length can be applied between job centers


  1. Bore Diameter This is the maximum size that the road head can pass through the bore of the stock


These are some of the important measures we need to know before ordering a lathe machine. And some other parameters are range of spindle speed, number of feeds, number and range of metric and BSW threads that can be cut, pitch of lead screw and power input etc.


There are various forms of lathe machines available today some of them are terret lathe, CNC lathe, light duty, medium duty and heavy duty lathe machines. It is important to select the lathe machine according to your needs to get the best results. For example, if your requirements are high and you need a fast and efficient machine for high usage, then instead of going for a standard light duty lathe, a strong heavy duty lathe machine would be a good choice which is specially designed for Comparatively cheaper than the designed machine. For bulk or heavy operations. A heavy duty lathe machine for metal shaping is usually equipped with high speed, automatic functionalities and technologically advanced features and therefore provides heavy duty, faster and efficient work than a machine designed for light and medium applications. Can give better performance. We can also make bangles on these machines In the video traditional lathe machine turning and bangle cutting is working.


Trobe machine is a cam operated machine that can perform many operations of a lathe machine. It is an automatic type of machine in which after setting, the machine can work automatically. Its cost is very less as compared to CNC and can give good production rate as compared to normal lathe.


  1. Traub machine operation with side drill


CNC lathe is a computer controlled machine which is good for both small and large jobs. If you need fully automatic machine then go for CNC lathe machine. A CNC lathe machine runs on a computer program and is therefore a good option for those who want to reduce labor costs at the workplace. Since these are computer controlled machinery, it requires expert technician to program it.

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