All the digital work you are doing is because of satellite. Watching TV at home, talking on the phone, weather news, they all use satellites to get information about them.

What is satellite?

A satellite is a man-made object that has been placed in a space orbit through human effort. You can also call it artificial satellite.

In the same way, there are many natural satellites in space which revolve around the orbit. Just as the Moon revolves around the Earth, in the same way a man-made satellite also revolves in its orbit. Due to which we use digital things in daily life. The size of the “satellite” also works according to it.

How does satellite work?

They also require energy, which has solar panels on both sides. Transmitter and receiver are attached to send and receive signals. We can say that the satellite is made for communication only. It revolves around a satellite larger than itself, so the satellite is made in such a way that its speed does not allow the gravitational force of the Earth to dominate it. Due to which the satellite stays in the air.

Satellite class

Satellite is divided into three categories which are as follows.

Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

This is the nearest satellite from the earth. It can be up to an altitude of 180 km to 2000 km from the earth.

This satellite orbits the Earth more often than other satellites. Its number is more than other big satellites.

Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)

This satellite orbits at a lower speed than the leo satellite. This is the cost of two revolutions of the earth in a day. Talking about the distance from the earth, it rotates from a height of about 2000 km to an altitude of 36,000 km.

The time to publish this satellite is set. The place from which it passes through the next time passes through the same place at the same time.

Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO)

This satellite is bigger than all the satellites. Its height is more than 36,000 km from the earth.

The rotation period of this satellite is completed in a long time. In as many days as the Earth orbits the Earth, the GEO satellite also orbits the Earth in the same number of days.

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