Difference Between Android Phone and Iphone

The idea of ​​getting the best phone always arises in the mind of the person buying the smartphone. They always think of getting the best phone at a low price. Because Smartphone is such a device in which all the work of new generation can be done. Mobile companies keep bringing in more than one new feature phone all the time. That’s why users want to know who is the best in Android Phone and Iphone?

Which is the best Android Phone Vs Iphone?

Smartphones (Android, IOS, Windows) are available in the market working on three types of operating systems, but very few people buy Windows Phone. Here we will talk about a smartphone that works on only two operating systems, which are as follows.

Android Mobile   Iphone
Android phone # Google’s operating system runs on Android.Iphone works on Apple company’s operating system IOS.
If you want to do over optimization then Android is fine.What the company has given in the iPhone will remain the same. You cannot unnecessarily manipulate a file by yourself.
Android phones can be bought at the lowest price like around INR 5500.To buy an Apple phone, you will have to spend more money. To get a normal quality phone, a minimum payment of INR 24000 will have to be made.
You can change wallpaper, music tone as you like in Android phone.No, it is not possible here.
You can easily download songs, music, videos through the browser in Android mobile.Only those songs that are available in Apple’s app will have to be used.
Installing an external memory card is easy.No, the work will have to be done from the internal storage.
Many companies manufacture Android phones, which are easily available in the small market.Only Apple company makes I.Phone. You can buy it from a special place like Apple Service Center or online shopping site.
Android phone may face heating and hanging problem.There is no heating and hanging problem in iPhone at all.
It is difficult to run the new operating system in the old phone.The new operating system can be easily used in the old phone.
Different companies install hardware and software in Android phones.The Apple company itself makes the hardware, software.
When the software update arrives in the Android phone, you do not get it immediately, for this you have to wait. This facility is given in particular phones.As soon as the new software update arrives, all the phones get Notification.
Google Play Store is used to install the app.To do the App Store, go to the App Store.
Apk file can be installed in phone.Cannot install Apk in Apple phone. You only have to install the app from the App Store.
Camera Quality of Android Set is normal from Apple’s phone.Apple’s phone is at the forefront of camera. Let us say that the picture quality is not less than DSLR.
Android phones look old after a year.Premium will be charged even after using the iPhone for five years.
The sale of Android phones is highest in the world because it gives more features in cheap.The number of iPhone is much less than that of Android. Because it is expensive and only Apple company manufactures.
There is a large amount of apps available on the Play Store which you can install for free.There is a limited app on the App Store. There is a fee to be paid for using most of the apps.
If there is a problem in the Android set, then you have to go to the service center. Or contact customer care. Later we have to get it repaired from the local shop.The user gets very good customer support through the iPhone. Apple company tries to provide maximum convenience to its customer.
Android phones can do two things at a time, like while talking on the phone, you can do some work on the Internet.Apple doesn’t allow you to do more than one thing. You can only do one thing.

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