How is electricity made? 

Generating electricity is a very difficult task, but in today’s time, different types of methods are adopted keeping in view the need of electricity (electricity) all the time.

The use of electricity in the world is increasing day by day because people are using more and more electricity in their work. But the answer is that electricity is not created. We understand in this way that electricity is a type of energy which is present in nature. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. They only change from one form to another.

Various methods are used to generate electricity. AC generator alternator is used to generate electricity, for which prime mover is required, the details are given below.

Primary instrument

The means that are obtained by nature. For example – sun, wind, fever, etc. It is easy to extract energy from all these but it is not obtained continuously. That is why they are used in limited quantities. Will be widely used in the coming time.

Secondary instrument

The widely used means of obtaining energy in today’s time is the secondary means. Such as – water, coal, oil and gas. Energy is obtained by dividing all these resources into different types of categories.

Different ways of generating electricity

  • Hydro Electric Power Plant

A large amount of water is required to build a hydroelectric plant, so for setting up such a plant, a dam, Bhakra Nangal Dam, Kota Dam is built on a high place with rain or snow water. This water is used to rotate the turbine by dropping it from a high place, due to which the alternator runs. After this, electricity is generated from the alternator.

  • Thermal Electric Power Plant

More and more coal is required for setting up such plants. Water is heated at high temperature by burning coal. The high pressure produced by the water makes the turbine spin faster. which generates electricity.

  • Diesel Power Plant

Diesel power plant is used where the need for electricity is less, that is, it is used where there is not enough water and coal. It is an alternative means that is used in cinema halls, weddings, offices, when needed.

  • Nuclear Power Plant

Steam is required to rotate the turbine. Then you can generate electricity. For this, uranium-235 is used as fuel, although atomic reactor is used to fissure uranium. The amount of thermal energy obtained by using one kilogram of uranium in this plant is equivalent to 2700 quintals of thermal energy coming out of coal to get the same energy.

  • Jio Thermal Power Plant

There is such a substance inside the earth that melts any object, which is called lava. There is a place for which the heat increases on going inside the earth. For this, wells are dug in the ground. Steam produced from hot water underground is used to drive turbines, which generate electricity.

  • Solar Energy

Electricity is generated from solar energy at the place where the maximum amount of sunlight reaches. Photovoltaic cells are used to convert the sun’s rays into electricity. A battery is also included with it. In which the energy generated from the solar photovoltaic cell is stored in the battery.

  • Wind mill

Strong wind is required to run a windmill. A fan is installed on a tower in the area where the wind blows more. A generator is connected to the tower. When the fan runs fast, the generator also runs, due to which electricity is generated.

  • Natural Gas Power Plant

Natural gas is required in this type of plant, it works in the same way as a thermal power plant. In this, water is heated with natural gas, after which steam is formed. This steam drives the turbine which generates electricity.

  • Biomass power Generation

This plant works like thermal power and natural gas power plant. In this water is heated by burning biomass (biomass from agriculture, animal husbandry, forest area) instead of coal and natural gas. Turbine is driven by steam generated from hot water. After which electricity is generated.

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