SDO Complete Form – How to become an SDO, Qualifications, Career, Salary

A Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) is appointed in almost every government department. This is a divisional level officer, who performs many types of work. Almost every district in our country is divided into small blocks and for all these officers are appointed by each government department, one of them is an SDO officer.

Complete SDO Form

The full form of SDO is “Sub Divisional Officer”.




The SDO officer is a civil and electrical engineer working in the relevant department.

What is SDO?

Sub Division Officer i.e. SDO is a government post, which is in almost every department of every state of the country like- Electricity Department, Police Department, Irrigation Department etc. SDOs are appointed in every city and district of all states of the country. , which works to handle the government system well. The officers of the SDO office work under the state government. Nomination and appointment of these officers is also done by the state government itself.

How to become an SDO

SDO is selected by the government in two ways, firstly you are selected from promotion, where there are junior officers of the department who are promoted to SDO for their good work. On the other hand, the state government also organizes Public Service Commission (PSC-Public Service Commission) examination to directly recruit these posts.

The SDO officer is a government officer under the state government, so he is also elected by the government of each state itself. SDOs are selected by the state government through the PSC (Public Service Commission) examination. Every year in almost every state, Public Service Commission conducts SDO selection exam and interested candidates can fill this exam form and take this exam.

In this exam, the candidate must have a degree in the field of the relevant department, such as if you want to be an SDO in the technical or electrical department, then for that you must have a graduate in that field.

Eligibility to be an SDO

To become an SDO i.e. Sub Divisional Officer, you must have a qualification, then only you can apply for SDO. Along with this, what other qualifications you should have to become an SDO officer, are shown below –

Applicant must be a citizen of India.

To become an SDO officer, your age should be between 21 to 30 years.

On the other hand, OBC and SC/ST category candidates get age relaxation of 3 and 5 years respectively.

To appear in the SDO exam, you must have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.

SDO Officer Selection Process

If you have both the above mentioned qualifications, then you are eligible for this exam. This test is conducted in three phases.

Preliminary Examination

Main Exam

The interview

Preliminary Examination

This test is the first test given by SDO, where the candidate is often asked optional questions related to subjects like general knowledge, math, reasoning ability etc. he is eligible.

Main Exam

This is the second stage of the SDO exam where the candidate is called only after passing the first stage, in which the candidate has to take a written test and it is less difficult than the previous stage. Candidates who have also cleared this exam are called for an interview at the final stage. On the basis of the candidate’s performance in the interview, the successful candidate is finally selected for the SDO Post.

The interview

This is the last stage where the candidate’s complete personality is tested where his knowledge, skills, decision making ability etc. Candidates who qualify this stage are sent for training, after which they are given an appointment in any district.

What is the job of SDO?

The SDO is the chief officer of his department where all other junior officers who come under his division are responsible to the SDO for their work and he also keeps checking the development works of his area with the help of Tehsildars and other officers. Along with that, the SDO also listens to the concerns of junior officers when they come to the public. The role that the DM has in the entire district is the same role as the SDO in his department.

Salary of SDO Officer

Generally, the monthly salary of an SDO can be around Rs 23,640/-, which includes Allowances and Grades separately, initially available to a newly recruited SDO officer. After adding all the facilities and allowances, the salary of an SDO at the initial level can be 51,378/- per month whereas the salary of a senior postal officer is more than this.

Difference between SDM and SDO

SDM and SDO are government officials but the positions of both are different and accordingly their functions are also different, so to clarify the difference between SDM and SDO some important points are shown below –

The SDO is called a junior officer while the SDM is called a divisional judge.

SDO is different in each district and department whereas SDM is only one in each district.

The SDO is responsible for managing his department only while the SDM is responsible for managing the entire district.

The number of SDOs is more than the number of SDMs.

Tips to Crack SDO PSC Exam

First of all, analyze the exam syllabus and exam pattern carefully.

Read daily newspapers to improve your general knowledge and current affairs.

Practice writing answers within the allotted time of the main exam.

Allocate equal time to all subjects, or give more time to a subject that is weak for you.

While preparing the paper, keep writing short notes so that it will be easy for you during revision.

Solve previous year papers as much as possible so that you can understand the exam pattern.

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