How to take care of your clothes rainy season?

Today I am going to tell you. During the monsoons, the clothes smell musty. So how to take care of clothes to get rid of that fat.

3 easy solutions to get rid of stubborn fat from clothes during monsoons.

Wash Cloths Regularly

What do we usually do in rainy season..? We store clothes not only in rainy season but also in summer and winter. But once we remove all the clothes to wash. So please avoid this habit during rainy season. Make sure you wash your clothes daily.

Washing the clothes every day will remove the germs and bacteria from them. Also it will not have any kind of smell. So wash your clothes daily as possible during the rainy season

Squeeze lemon while washing clothes.

You usually get wet during rainy season. While soaking at home from outside, it can contain germs from dirty water. It can cause various diseases. So squeeze a lemon in the water while you soak those clothes. And keep those clothes soaked for at least 1-2 hours. This will remove the germs and you will avoid inviting disease. So either your clothes will stay clean then your health will also be taken care of.

Turn the clothes inside out to ventilate

One of the biggest problems during monsoons is that our clothes do not dry. Because we don’t get to see the sunlight during the rainy season. Due to lack of heat to dry your clothes, the clothes smell musty. For that, you should dry your clothes in a ventilated place because your clothes will also dry and they will not smell bad.

For that, you can keep the fan in the house running while sleeping at night and dry the clothes properly under it. Because it will either make your clothes dry and smell free. And after arranging the clothes, fold them and keep them in the closet.

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