Monsoon season is very good for nature lovers. But in this monsoon, getting wet in the rain, and keeping the same wet clothes for a long time can cause itching, infection or many other problems.

So today we are going to learn some things to solve this problem so that we can avoid itching or infection.

Here are following tips to solve problems of itching

Main Points 

1.Aloe vera Gel

2.Coconut Oil

Aloe vera Gel

Yes, aloe vera gel you can apply to your hands before going to sleep at night. So that you will not have the problem of itching.

 Aloe vera gel is a remedy for the itching caused by infection. So this can be a great solution. To prevent itching or to avoid infection during rainy season.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil. Yes coconut oil is also a great remedy. You can apply it all over your body at night before going to bed.

Like hair, mouth, hands, feet, body can be applied everywhere. So will you get relief from itching?

Apply this oil all over and gently massage it into your body. And wash it off properly the next day when you take a bath. What will happen is that it will help to get rid of the bacteria that got on your body due to the rain.

Hope you will like this information.

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