You might have heard about the fascinating new spectacle that has taken the internet by storm. You know, the one that lets you anonymously view anyone’s stories and posts on Instagram? It’s called IgAnony – the Instagram anonymous story viewer, and yes, it is as intriguing as everyone makes it out to be.

This wonderful web service gives anyone the power to have unrestricted access to someone’s IG account. It gives you access to their stories, photos, videos, reels, and whatever you want. And the best thing? The person you’re looking at won’t have a single clue that they’re being watched. That’s the beauty of this whole shebang.

Instagram is the world’s largest Image sharing social networking website with over a Billion active users on its platform. Instagram allows its users to post pictures, videos, Stories, Reels (Instagram’s short video content), and chat with their friends and family. The platform is very popular among youngsters as it lets people stay connected with their friends very easily. Every activity and interaction on the Social media platform is recorded and most of it is served to other users. For example, If you like any post or comment on it then the other user is immediately notified regarding the same. Similarly, if you view the story of any user then Instagram shows your profile and name to the other user making it difficult to view the story anonymously.

By using, a private Instagram story viewer, You can bypass these limitations and view the story, Videos, images, and other Instagram post types of any user discreetly and anonymously. In this article, we will discuss how you can use to stalk any Instagram profile anonymously for free and we will also discuss the pros and cons of the platform including some of the similarly working alternatives. is a popular Instagram story-viewing platform with over millions of active users daily. The website is popularly known for its ability to showcase stories from any Instagram account anonymously. Apart from viewing stories anonymously, the platform also has features like viewing Instagram posts and Highlights anonymously.

You can also download the Stories, Posts, Highlights, Profile pictures, and other Instagram content related to that account. Iganony is free to use and does not require any registration or sign-up. The best part of Iganony is that it can be used on any device without any restrictions. You just need an internet-enabled Mobile, PC, or tablet to use the website and all of its features.

How to Use Iganony Story Viewer?

  • Fire up your preferred web browser on your smartphone or desktop computer.
  • Visit https://
  • Finding the field labeled “Enter username/profile URL.”
  • Enter a valid and accessible username or profile URL.
  • The profile you’re looking for will appear. Then, select the type of content you’re interested in reading by clicking on “stories” or “posts.

IgAnony Pros And Cons

With some of the fascinating pros, it has some cons too. Here is a table of the pros and cons of IgAnony:


  • View/download Instagram Stories anonymously.
  • View Instagram posts Anonymously
  • View/download Instagram Story Highlights.
  • Enlarge/ Download Instagram Profile Picture.
  • See Tagged users.
  • Compare the Performace of the last 12 Instagram posts based on likes and Comments.
  • Option to add an account to the favorites.
  • Does not store photos/videos or any other user data.


  • You can’t view stories older than 24 hours.
  • Private account story viewing and downloading is not possible.
  • Iganony servers are down sometimes.
  • Hashtag-related stories viewing feature not available.

The Benefits Of Using IgAnony

If you want to view someone’s Instagram stories without knowing the user, then you can choose  IgAnony. It is an amazing tool that lets you view Instagram stories anonymously.

What are the benefits of using  IgAnony?

  • With IgAnony, you don’t have to log in or sign up to explore people’s Instagram profiles.
  • You can view stories of people you don’t even follow or don’t even know!
  • It’s perfect for keeping track of what people you’re interested in and are up to without having to follow them and without them knowing you’re checking up on them.
  •  IgAnony has a huge stories database so that you can check out stories worldwide.
  • It’s a great way to stay updated on what others are doing without committing to following them.


Here on IgAnony Review, we’ve covered a lot of Instagram-related ground, including its many functions and other aspects. You may join the thousands of happy app users already out there. The feedback from previous users suggests that we will be fine with using this app.

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