What is OTP? Benefits of OTP and how to use it.

As you know in today’s digital time all the work is being done through online only. Whether online shopping or money transactions, Otp has to be verified for everyone. If you are creating an account on any site, then it is necessary to verify the email or mobile number for that.

In today’s time, from creating an account to transferring money, there is a fear that there should be no problem while working online. That is why it is your own job to maintain security for safety. Because of which it is mandatory to verify Otp for security.

What is OTP?

The full form of OTP is One Time Password (OTP).

This is needed when you create an account on a website or do money transactions. At that time a 4 digit or 6 digit Otp message is received to verify the mobile number.

Account verification has to be done with this message containing numbers. Otp of different bank or company can be of more or less digits. This is a kind of password. Example: Otp is received by creating an online account and doing transactions and shopping. Eg: Banks, Amazon, Flipkart etc.

What is Otp and why to use it?

To protect any account from being hacked, it is considered mandatory to verify the Otp password of the account. As you know, everyone likes to keep their username and password easy so that they do not forget. Which hackers can take advantage of.

If you keep the date of birth, someone’s name, mobile number, email id in the password, then there is a risk of hacking the account. That is why One Time Password is applied by the bank or shopping site. So that only the original person can verify the account.

Advantages of One Time Password (OTP)

There are many benefits of One Time Password. Which is as follows.

  • Otp password identifies the account of the original person.
  • OTP keeps your account secure.
  • If you keep Otp enabled then the account will never be hacked.
  • It is absolutely free to apply one time password.

When is otp password used?

Otp is used while creating an account. There is an option to verify with Otp on most of the websites.

If you work in banking sector then one time password is required. 6 Digit Otp is also required while login to Google Account. This shows that the account is being opened by the right person.

If you withdraw more than 10,000 money from ATM then Otp will have to be verified. This rule has been made by the banks so that no one can withdraw your money even after the ATM card is stolen.

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