Difference Between WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org

Some people get confused before creating a blog because they do not have complete knowledge about both the versions of WordPress. To create a fully premium website/blog, blogger should know how to customize, so let’s know the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

What is WordPress?

WordPress has been launched on 27 May 2003. It is available in free and pad version. This is the opportunity data to create an online website because it is an open source software. It is written in PHP and MYSQL. It manages all the content easily because it is Content Management Service (CMS).

Difference Between WordPress Com Vs WordPress Org.

This is a Free Hosted Blogging Platform, here any person can create a blog for free on WordPress.Com.Free.Wordpress This type of sub domain is available for free.This is a Content Management Service (CMS) service, you can use it for free.
Free.Wordpress This type of sub domain is available for free.Here Custom Domain is used like Websitehindi.Com, which you have to buy from Third Party Website.
Unlimited Hosting is available for free.You can buy hosting from any other hosting website as per your requirement.
Blogger cannot customize by itself.Blogger can design whatever he wants.
Limited Themes are available here.Here you get the feature to upload themes as per your choice.
You can create a free “website”.Website is made from Rs 750 to lakhs or more.
Uploading Plugin is not Allow.You can upload any plugins as per the requirement.
Cannot earn money from Adsense or other networksHere you can earn money from any network because it gives a chance to earn money from all platforms other than Adsense.
Can use for funUse it to become a professional blogger.

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