As you know, in today’s time, these types of phones are available on online shopping sites (Refurbished Phones Flipkart, Amazon). If you want to know information about Amazon Refurbished Mobiles then this post is for you.


How to buy Refurbished Phone? What is Refurbished (Mobile) Phone

Should I buy this type of phone from Online Shopping Site? Does every customer know that Refurbished Phone Kaise Kharide or whether it should be bought or not.


What is Refurbished Phone?


In today’s time, big companies Flipkart, Amazon are selling Refurbished Mobile (Phone) on their website. But some users are getting worried about this because they do not know the concrete information.

Refurbished mobile is called such a phone which after manufacturing some defect is found. It is not necessary that this problem is caused by the company. Such Defect phones can happen anytime.

But the company repairs and sells such phones again by putting them in the Refurbished category. But with new phones, their cost is 5% to 60% less. Suppose the price of a phone is Rs 16,000, then after repair, such a phone is charged up to Rs 10,000 (approx). Refurbished mobiles are also available for less with some offers.


How to buy Refurbished Phone


If you are looking for refurbished phone “, then let me tell you, for this you will have to go to a site like Amazon or Flipkart. Because these companies have kept such phones in their separate category.


Also visit this site –


If you want to buy Refurbished Phone, then search Refurbished Phone Flipkart in Google. By doing this, the website will appear in front of you. Now you can easily know about the phone by visiting the link.

To buy the phone, you can order using Net Banking, Upi, Debit card by Add To Cart as before. The most important thing is that 7 days replacement is available in this too like a new phone. If you do not like this phone or have some shortcomings, then you can take replacement or refund.


How are refurbished phones: Are these phones repaired?


If you are thinking about getting a mobile and want to know how to make a refurbished mobile, then let me tell you that a refurbished phone is a new phone, but due to some shortcomings, the company moved from the new phone category to the refurbished category. is put


According to the term & condition of the company, it is wrong to sell old phones to any customer at the price of new ones. If someone buys a phone from Amazon and returns it after heating, battery problem, display etc., then that phone is repaired by the company’s experienced engineer. That is, he again starts working in Good Condition. Because the company transforms that problem into a good phone.

That’s why you cannot call it an old phone, but due to repair, people lose their trust.


Should you buy Refurbished Phone?


Of course, if you have such questions in your mind, then let me tell you that after repairing the phone, testing is done in every way. Whether that phone is working properly or not.

After repairing any Refurbished Smartphones, the test is then listed on the online shopping site. If you are getting a good discount online, then you can easily buy the phone because there is a replacement time of 7 or 10 days while buying from the company. Now you can also take refund within a limited time.


Apart from this, 3 months or 6 months warranty is also given by the company. If your phone gets damaged then you can go to the nearest service center and take free service. But keep in mind that before buying any product, get information about its specification.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Refurbished Phones


If you want to buy a refurbished phone instead of a new phone, then let me tell you that this type of phone is available to the user at a cheap price (60% off). If you have less money and want to buy a branded phone, then this can be a good option for you.


The company gives a warranty of 6 months in which you can get your phone repaired from the service center.


Sometimes a better phone than the new one is available for less money. Because there are all new companies here who repair and sell bad phones.


Now talking about the loss, the box of this type of phone can be found as old or broken. If I say like this, charger or headphones will not be available in any phone. But before taking the phone, you can read the description of the website.


Refurbished Phone meaning


Grade A: Phones in this category are new but due to some defects, the problem is rectified and kept in Refurbished category A.


Grade B: Due to physical damage, the phone is repaired and kept in Grade B.


Grade C: Here the seller buys the old phone from the customer and removes some defects and sells it.


Grade D: Heavy discounts are available on this type of phone. That is, these are old phones only. The phone used by the customer is sold as second hand.



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