The purpose of the East India Company was to rule India. The East India Company was ruled continuously for 200 years.

East India Company was a type of trading company, it came to India only to get the right to trade. Which had acquired authority in 1600 AD by royal charter.

It took many years for India to get independence. In which the battle was fought by many heroes. As a result of which Lord Mountbatten decided to fix 15 August. It is said that India showed intelligence for the first time against foreign rule in 1857.

Independence Day 2022

For many years, the heroes of India fought against the British rule. In which many heroes were offered themselves as sacrifices. August 15 is a historic day for all of us Indians, which is celebrated every year with great pomp.

Ever since independence, Independence Day is celebrated every year by all Indians with different zeal and enthusiasm. On August 15, the tricolor of three colors is hoisted in memory of the heroes who lost their lives.

What is the history of Independence Day?

The East India Company came to India in the 1700s to increase its trade. After which his attitude was bad and he started ruling over India. They used to treat Indians with cruelty. No one had the courage to go against the British.

But not everyone is weak in any occasion. At the same time there was a rebellion against the British by soldier Mangal Pandey. After which everyone started uniting. A battle was also fought by Indians in this decade. But unfortunately India lost.

After this, the door of India went into the hands of the British and they ruled the Indian vigorously. After this all the citizens of India started uniting. Because all of us Indians were very much ruled by the East India Company.

Who decided the day of Independence Day?

Our country became independent on 15 August 1947 while fighting the British. On this 15th August, Independence Day was named by Lord Mountbatten. In 1947, on 15th August, the first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, hoisted the three-colour flag on the Red Fort of India.

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