If you are trying to watch Tamil movies online, where do you start? There are many websites out there that claim to have all the latest hits on their site, but which ones have the best quality? Which sites can be watched from any country without any hassles?




If you’re looking for movies from any South Indian language, including Hindi and Telugu, then TamilRockers is one of your best bets. It has some of both Hollywood and Bollywood releases as well. A lot of people also use TamilRockers for TV shows and serials like Game of Thrones, which aren’t yet available in India on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. There are other ways to access Game of Thrones—but they’re not legal! Depending on where you live in India, it can be incredibly difficult (or downright impossible) to get a VPN that works with streaming sites; but if you find one that works with Tamrockers and all its extravaganza, then you are golden.




There are several apps and sites that you can use to watch movies online for free. The best among them is YuppFlix, a site that offers tamil movies and tv shows online. You can also watch Hindi and Malayalam language content here. It is free of charge (with ads) as it makes its money through affiliate sales. Content isn’t as high quality as Netflix or other paid services but it’s quite decent. While YuppFlix doesn’t have a massive library, it does get new content on a regular basis and has an app for all major mobile operating systems so you can watch your favorite shows while traveling or while commuting on public transportation


Tamizh Padam


Watch full-length movies and film trailers in HD resolution for free on Tamizh Padam. The movie library here is really good, with a bunch of big releases like Nala Damayanthi and Visaranai. You can also watch old classics like Guru Sishyan and Kadal Paada Neramillai. Don’t worry if you don’t understand Tamil; these films have English subtitles as well.




This is a brilliant website for watching all kinds of Tamil movies online. It doesn’t matter if you want to watch a latest movie or an old classic, Thiraipaalai has them all. The quality is good and there are no restrictions on bandwidth or speed, meaning you can watch your favorite movies in any part of the world. There’s also a neat library feature that allows you to sort movies by popularity and genre. Overall, Thiraipalai is one of the best websites out there for streaming authentic Tamil films online, so give it a try!


PuthuYugam TV


If you’re in India, PuthuYugam TV has a fantastic selection of Tamil movies and dramas. The quality is excellent and watching it online is completely free. Plus, there are a number of smaller movie channels that specialize in Bollywood, Telugu and Malayalam films, meaning there’s plenty more to watch if you need your fix. If you’re looking for a streaming site with English subtitles then you can also try Hotstar; although it doesn’t have as many options as PuthuYugam TV it does have live sport matches, most notably EPL football (soccer). But all things considered, PuthuYugam TV is our number one choice for watching movies online. It’s easy to use, totally free and has an amazing collection of movies. It’s also regularly updated so we highly recommend signing up!

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