A certificate is being given by Google to the person doing online training. In such a situation, online certificate can be obtained by training. It is very easy to download digital certificate from Google.

You have to do training to download digital certificate. You can download the certificate according to the number of questions you answer.

If you want to do digital marketing training sitting at home, then first you have to log in with Gmail ID. You can join the course quickly by visiting the website issued to log in.

What is Google digital course?

Google is a medium through which this course is being conducted. This is a digital (online) course through which you will be able to get online certificate by completing free digital google course. Under this course, information related to business is obtained.

How to do google digital course

option 1

It is very easy to do google digital course. For this you have to go to the official site of Google Digital. You go by clicking on the link given below.

    Digital google certificate

Now you will go to a page where there will be option of login and signup. Click on start learning online.

option 2

A form will open here. From here you have to login. If you have gmail account. So click on sign in with google. If you enter gmail id and password then you can login.

If you have a different company email, then login by clicking on sign in with email.

option 3

Here you have to register by typing your name.

  1. Enter First Name and Last Name in both these boxes.
  2. Tick ​​yes please.
  3. Click on next.

Now your account has been created. Next you have to be ready to learn.

option 4

  1. Now you click on Dashboard.
  2. Click on start.

Here the page will open. You have to answer the question by watching the video on this page. All the questions have been answered in the video. Watch the video carefully. And in the next page select Descend.

option 5

  1. Watch the video by clicking here.
  2. Click on Take Activity.

option 6

On this page you have to select the answer.

  1. It is written here that select the 5 right answerer, then you have to select five answers. Similarly, you will have to answer different questions.
  2. Click on submit button.

If you have selected the right answers to the questions. So the option of try again will appear right. After you give the correct answer, a page like this image will open.

option 7

Now click on next lesson.

In this way you will reach the next lesson. Now you have to solve total 23 step questions. Then you will get certificates from Google. In this way you can do digital google course.

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