Google is the world’s largest search engine, through which you can easily do all the work online sitting at home, that is, Google helps everyone in searching information about any work.

Everyone in the world has faith in Google because Google’s service is safe as well as providing very good service. One of these is the Google Safety Center. All the information has been given by this site to stay safe on the internet.

Google Safety Center is a type of website created by Google. Details about all the services of Google have been shared on this website.

If you take knowledge from Google’s Safety Center website, then it helps your family and friends to stay safe.

If you understand in simple language, then by visiting website, you get a chance to know about the privacy of every service of Google.

How does the Google Safety Center work?

As you know, there are many wrong and right things available on the internet, but due to lack of information, many people get cheated or choose the wrong site. In such a situation, Google’s Safety Center website helps you.

It is also told on this site that what is to be done to hide personal information on the Internet and privacy control is done by setting up which settings.

The biggest thing is that Google has created many settings and privacy for young children so that anyone can feel safe on the Internet. If you are looking for information about staying secure on the Internet, then you can visit

Google always says that while signing up on any website on the Internet, make a strong password so that no person can login easily. Change and set password for different services.

Top tips to stay secure on the Internet

(1.) Make the password strong.

While logging into the internet, keep in mind that the password you have created is not simple. Password should always be kept strong so that no one else can login.

If you think your friend is trying to log in with your password, change the password immediately.

(2.) Lock the screen of the smartphone.

Always be alert if someone other than you uses your phone. Be more careful with someone who is not at home. It has been seen in the coming days that friends do not believe by touching a friend’s mobile. But all friends are not bad, yet it is your job to keep personal data hidden.

To prevent anything wrong with the mobile phone, keep the screen lock of the smartphone. If you keep Auto Lock enabled then understand that your phone is safe.

(3.) Fraud should be avoided.

There are many methods on the internet which are used to cheat. In which unknown person easily gets trapped. If you would be shopping or checking mail on the internet, then you would have received some link or mail.

In which it will be written that you have won a bike. For this, send personal information or click on the given link. If you also receive an email like this, be careful as it may be fake.

Identify the link given on Mail or Whatsapp. You have to think that you have not filled any application on this link before this. If you find that link Spam, then do not click.

(4.) Beware of Wifi

When you open Wifi from mobile, a lot of Wifi is visible in which some are locked but at some place Wifi network is found without password. Before joining any Wi-Fi network, it should be checked from where this network is issued.

Maybe someone is monitoring the Wifi to which you are connecting Net. In such a situation, you can be cheated by transferring money or shopping from the bank.

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