Every year lakhs of students are registered by IGNOU. Because IGNOU can be trusted 100%. On the other hand, if we talk about the recognition of the certificate, then let me tell you that the certificate of IGNOU can be used in any government job.


IGNOU Full Form – The Indira Gandhi National Open University


If you are doing job in any field then along with full time job you can continue your studies from IGNOU. That means you can have 100% trust on IGNOU course.


Should I do IGNOU course from IGNOU?


There is such a question in the mind of many people whether it is right to do degree course from IGNOU. So let me tell you IGNOU is a distance learning course. Ignou was established in 1985. Talking about the same recognition, The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is fully accredited by the Government of India.


Today the 35th convocation was celebrated. This clearly proves that IGNOU has been in the midst of people since a very long time. More than 100 courses are offered in IGNOU. If you want to do a course from Deemed University while doing a job, then you can take admission from India Gandhi National University.


Establishment of Indira Gandhi National Open University


Indira Gandhi National Open University Deemed University was established in 1985. IGNOU is the largest university in the world. At the same time, everyone has trust in IGNOU because it has been contributing in India for the last 36 years.


International Status of Ignou University


Many regional centers are maintained by IGNOU. It is said that there are 67 Regional Centers and 2100 Learner Support Centers in India. On the other hand, apart from the country, if we talk about the people, then let me tell you that people believe in IGNOU in 15 countries.


When is the admission in IGNOU course?


If you want to take admission in IGNOU course, then let me tell you that online enrollment for various posts by IGNOU is done for enrollment in January, February, March and June, July, August.


The date of registration for the first time is about 15 days but as we increase the date of enrollment, it gets months.

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