Indian lifestyle vs American lifestyle

which is better? 

India and the United States of America are two countries which are progressive on their own way .

USA ofcourse is a superpower and India in the recent past has imbibed a lot from the USA .


in India it was always council dress in natural fibres that breath.

specific clothes for even described for specific season.cotton in summer in light colours to reflect light,

wool in winter to ward off wind and preserve body heat,

silk in rains from protection from rain and wind.

even the ornaments by women’s not just for physical appeal but had a health aspect to it.

gold was known to boost emunity, silver to cool inflammation, copper is antiseptic.

however the American styles of clothing is mostly focused convenience and comfort.

which is why they preferred synthetic fibres, which do not wrinkle easily, are more durable, and are easy to manufacture.

then there is the climatic aspect to it as well 

the tight clothing like suits, ties jeans,shoes are more suited in America due to the extreme chilling cliemate there.


for an average american nearly 2/3 of daily calories comed from ultraprocessed food,

according to the study done by University of sandiago 

this is because american’s focused on convenience and productivity.

Indians on the other hand have always preferred cooking at home.

the endless variety of indian cuisine is an avidance if it even the harder tasks of 

handpounding spices at home, preaching ghee at home not are comman.

Indian are always considered kitchens to be no less than working dispensary.

Food Choices

American food is largely meat based.

in the us the meat consumption at a stakering 90-120 kg/person per year.

a mejority of which comes from red meets like pork and beef.

and the other hand Indian societies use to be majorly vegitarian, eating vegetables may seem as a backward practice at first, but recent past due to the sprade of so many animal region viruses it actually seems far sighted thought.

Daily habits

There are many distinct habits from modern americans and ancient Indians that suggest that modern american are more inclined towards convenience, while indians believed in sustainable living.

1 american’s use toilet papers rather than water.

2 after washing hands and americans would look for a tissue paper while indians use a cotton cloth.

3 Indians would prefer cool water from matka rather than a refrigerator.

4 Americans prefer the convenient aluminium foil to rapped their food, while indians always felt muslin cloths are healthier choiceas as unlike aluminium, they do not leach any chemicals into the food.

Ways of leaving

an American would shake hands when greeting, while an indian would fold hands in a namaskar mudra.

unlike americans indians would always removed the shoes outside the house before entering, it’s another intelligent way to keep the germs at way and saves your time and effort in cleaning.

Areas of the innovation

there is no doubt about the fact that america has produced some of the most innovative products in the last century.

America is the hub of new products and and is a heart of innovation across the globe.

be it milestone achivements in communication, transport, electricity, daily consumer products.

on the other hand Indian innovation was mainly focused on spiritual growth without compromising on environment or personal health. 

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