Sunder pichai Cheaf exicutive officer of google

Sundar Pichai’s real name is Sundar Rajan Pichai.
He was born on 12 July 1972 in a small village in Tamil Nadu.
His father’s name is Raghunath Pichai and his mother’s name is Lakshmi.
Sundar’s father was an electrical engineer, and he inspired Sudar to join Teenology.
When Sundar Pichai was 12 years old, his father had brought home a landline phone.
Today, who is at the top of the world’s largest tech company, this is the first tech-related item in his life.
Not only was he good in studies, he was also crazy about cricket and used to captain his school’s cricket team.
Sundar Pichai did his 10th from Jawahar School, followed by 12th from Vana Wadi School, Chennai, after that Sundar completed his engineering from IIT Khadakpur.

In the strength of his dedication and hardwork, he he topped everywhere and was awarded a silver medal in IIT.
After getting a scholarship, he took addmission in Stafford University of California for further studies and obtaineda degree in physics.
And finally he went to the Wharton school of the university of Pennsylvania for MBA studies.
Before joining google, he contributed to McKinsey & company and applied materials.
Sunder pichai first time joined google in 2004.
Initially, he worked with small team on google search tool bar.
While working in google, he got the idea of making his own web browser, when he talked to the seo of google at that time to make his own web browser, he refused to call this project expensive.
But sunder did not give up and talk to other members of google and convenced them to make our own web browser.
In 2008 with the help of sunder pichai, google launched his own web browser, which was named chrome.
In today’s time google chrome is the most used web browser in the world.
Before becoming the CEO of google,he got an offer to become the CEO of Microsoft and twitter, but seeing his dedication and hardwork, google stopped by giving a lot of money as a bonus.

And finally, on August 10, 2015, Sundar Pichai was made the CEO of Google in the world’s largest company.

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