What is BFF What is the full name of BFF?

You must have heard the name of BBF from Facebook, Instagram or today’s friends. This type of word is found on social sites. But if you do not know about it then it will be difficult to understand.

What is the full form of BFF?

The full name of BFF is “Best Friends” BFF Full Form “Best Friends Forever”. And apart from this there is other full form but it is prevalent in the present times.

If you have friendship or love with someone, then you can use Best Friends Forever. That is, good friends can use this word with each other. Now you must have understood that BFF is used with Best Friend.

What is BFF?

BFF is a word that is used with girl friends or old or new best friends. It is said that ‘Best Friends Forever’ is used only where you trust.

Other full form of BFF

The full form of BFF is used in different places. 

Best Friends Forever – For Friends and Lover

Backup File Format – For Computer

Basic Fuzzing Framework- for Software

Bank Failure Friday – For Business

Backend For Frontends – For Computer Programming

Best Frequencies Forever – For Radio

Best Feline Friend – For friend

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