The process of thickening of the arteries with fatty deposits that leads to heart disease is not caused by any single cause. Research has identified several factors that increase the risk of developing this disorder. Many of these causes are preventable. It is very important to keep it away.

greasy food

If your diet is high in fat and fatty foods, it increases cholesterol and other similar substances in the blood. Their layer begins to accumulate on the inner soft part of the rohini. The cavity of the rohini starts to decrease and the blood supply to the organs of the body starts to decrease. Heart and brain are much more fragile than other organs. They do not suffer from any lack of oxygen and nutrition. As a result, a high-fat diet becomes dangerous.

Getting proper exercise

Sedentary workers have a higher incidence of heart disease than working class people who do physically demanding jobs. A person who lacks exercise has less body efficiency. During any physical work, the heart rate of such people increases and fatigue occurs quickly. They have more fat in their blood.

Avoiding tobacco use

Smokers are twice to three times more likely to develop heart disease than non-smokers. Nicotine in tobacco increases heart rate, increases blood pressure, increases blood fat, thickens blood vessels and increases blood clotting. Even in the case of tobacco, it is untrue that ‘a little problem is okay’. There is no doubt that tobacco consumption, even in small amounts, is harmful to health

Avoid excessive drinking

A small amount of alcohol (one to one and a half pegs) per day can reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood and lower HDL. Research has shown that cholesterol, a beneficial factor, increases; But considering the adverse effects of excessive alcohol consumption on other body organs and the possibility of addiction, it is better not to drink on a daily basis

Reducing mental stress

People who are impulsive, over-ambitious, over-achieving, irritable and angry are more prone to heart disease. People suffering from heart disease should stay away from mental stress.

Control of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Patients with both these disorders have an increased rate of heart disease. Those suffering from any of these disorders need regular treatment. That heart attack did not happen by stealth, did it? This must be checked from time to time. In particular, heart disease occurs in diabetics, but its symptoms are not apparent.

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