Nowadays many people are making their website and making a website and earning a lot of money through it. But do you know that PHP language is very important in making any kind of website.


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is Server Scripting Language. 

If you also want to make a website, then you have to learn this language. Then you will be able to create your website. Although it is very difficult to build a website, but if you learn PHP, then you too can create your own website.


What Is PHP


PHP is a Server Scripting Language, which is used for website designing, creating dynamic web pages. It is a very powerful tool to create dynamic and static website. It is an Open Source, Server Side Scripting Language which is useful for controlling web applications and web pages on the server side. Codes like C, C++, Java are written in PHP. PHP can be used in Unix, Linux, Windows.


If you know any one language out of C, C ++ and Java, then you can easily learn PHP. And using it you can create website. You can use PHP for free.


Before learning PHP, it is very important for you to have basic knowledge of the following languages:


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


Dynamic Web Page


Dynamic web pages are changeable, meaning such web pages that provide different information to users at different times are called dynamic web pages. Meaning those web pages that the user can modify. Let us explain to you through an example, suppose you and I open and search on a shopping website to shop, but I am searching for something else and you mean something else to both of us different from the shopping site. There are different page shows, here are the dynamic web pages which show different for different users.


Static Web Page


Static web pages are those that a normal user cannot modify. As the name shows, the web pages in this are static, that is, fixed. These are only readable web pages that the user can only read and cannot change anything in it. The information available in a static web page remains the same for a long time, very little can be updated. Its extension is .html.


PHP Full Form








History Of PHP


PHP is an open source object oriented language, created in 1995 by Rasmos Lerdorf. Lerdorf initially wrote a program called Common Gateway Interface.

C Programming was used to write this program and by this Lerdorf had created his personal home page and then the name of this language was made which came to be called PHP (Personal Home Page).

It is a server side scripting language used to design dynamic webpages. To give PHP a better look, a tool was created, named Home Page Tool 1.0 and PHP started being used to make big websites.

PHP 7.4 is the most used among all the versions of PHP. Whereas the latest version of PHP is PHP 8.0.


Where is PHP used?


We can do some of these types of things using PHP. We know its main functions, in what work it is used.


Server Side Scripting: The main function of PHP is Server Side Scripting. PHP was designed just for this. For this you need a PHP Parser, Web Server and Web Browser.


Command Line Scripting: You can run PHP code without a server or browser. For this you only need PHP Parser. And it can be used for text processing.


Desktop Application: Through this you can also create Desktop Application.


How to learn PHP


There are many websites to learn PHP through which one can learn PHP language. You can also learn PHP with the help of this website W3school.Com.


Features Of PHP 


  • You get many features in PHP.
  • Know what is PHP Features:
  • PHP can be used with Html.
  • Through this we can also open, create, read and write the file well.
  • You can also restrict some pages in it.
  • Once executed, the PHP code is shown as Html.
  • Whatever element is in the database, it can be modified, deleted, edited by PHP.


Advantages Of PHP


PHP language also has some advantages. So know about its benefits.


  • PHP can be run on different platforms. 
  • This language is also very easy to learn.
  • PHP Language is absolutely free. It is compatible with all the servers we use today. Eg – Apache, Iis Etc.




  • What is PHP used for?


PHP is used for Server Side Scripting Language and for developing Web Applications.


  • What are the Important Tools for PHP Coding?


Web Server and Notepad++ are important tools for PHP coding.


  • Which language should I know to learn PHP?


For PHP, you should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL.

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