The Scythe is a basic tool used in agriculture to help cut the grass and various cultures.

It turns out that it is also a tool that looks cool, so it appears in many movies, books, video games, and other media.

It is probably the best known as the legendary reaper signature accessory. Learning to draw a Scythe is a great way to draw your cool version of this versatile tool!

If you look like something you want to do, you are in the right place! You will surely want to read until the end of this guide to see what it is like.

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Drawing Scythe

Step 1:

In this guide on drawing a Scythe, we will draw a very decorated and cool version of this tool.

The Scythe we draw seems to be at home in an epic fantasy or a horror story!

To start things, we will start with the Scythe blade. Use a single curved line for the top of the Scythe, as it looks like in our reference image.

Then give a light point and extend another short line of curves to the first half of the lower edge.

There will be a round and punctual hole on the bottom edge, and once designed, you will be ready to go to the next step.

Step 2:

Now we can finish the Scythe Drawing Tower blade in this next step. Like the rest of the Scythe, this blade part will be decorated and detailed.

You can start by drawing a circle near the back of the blade. Then draw another smaller circle near him.

Once these circles are drawn, you can draw more curved lines for the curved contour of the Scythe blade as they appear in our example.

Then you will be in step 3 of the guide and proceed when ready!

Step 3:

Let’s leave the blade behind when we start drawing the handle at this guide stage on how to draw a Scyth

Even if it’s just the handle, it doesn’t mean we won’t do it as detailed and decorated as the blade!

A light pencil and a rule to track the straight strap lines would be recommended.

Then you can use a pen to draw angular snake details around the handle and stick them to the outside.

Step 4:

Continuing with this Scythe drawing, now we can add a little more to the handle.

If you have used our suggestion to draw a pencil line early, now you can use your pen and ruler to draw the remaining edge to the handle.

When this is designed, we will add details at the end of the handle.

These details will be thin and angular in almost flash form. When this is designed, we will be ready to complete the details and final elements in the next step of the guide.

Step 5:

Now you are ready to finish the keys and the final details on this fifth step in our guide on drawing a Scythe!

The main thing we will do at this stage will be to draw the rest of the handle. Use your pen to draw the rest of the strap stick and finish the details at the end of the handle.

Once this is designed, you can add more details of the curved line to the Scythe blade. So you are ready to color your creation when we reach the last step!

Before doing this, you can also draw a background or accessories to follow this Scythe. We can barely wait to see how you end!

Step 6:

You arrived at the last step of this scythe drawing, and now you are ready to color it to finish. We kept the colors we used a little darker and dumb in our reference image.

You can adopt a similar approach to yours, but it’s your drawing, and you should also feel free to use the color options you may like!

So you can also have fun deciding the art media and tools you will use to get your color options. Be sure to have fun and see what is happening!


3 Other tips to make your scythe drawing easier!

Cut frustration while showing how to facilitate this scythe’s drawing!

This drawing of a scythe we created in this guide looks cool with all the small details it has in its decorated drawing. It may be cool, but it can also make drawing more difficult.

If you have problems with the drawing, you may want a little to simplify it. You may even prefer a more realistic and impermeable drawing.

If you simplify certain details, you can choose those that change according to your preferences. What are the details you may want to delete or modify?

There are also several art tools and means you can use to make your task easier. It is true that you remain in our drawing for this scythe drawing or simplify it as we suggested earlier.

First, you will want to have a rule in hand to help with the handle. Then you can use a drawing compass to help with curved parts.

Also, starting drawing with a pencil would be a good idea instead of using your pen immediately. Use the pencil to map the drawing, so you can pass with more permanent support when satisfied with your appearance.

Adding a character to the image can also make this sketch easier. It will potentially make it easier because there is more to look at.

If this is the case, there will be fewer opportunities for an in-depth examination of the scythe. That way, you will be less visible if you can’t look like you wish.

The character does not need to be designed in a super realistic or detailed style, and you can follow the style that finds the easiest.

It can facilitate the task and make the drawing even more interesting to see!


Your scythe drawing is complete!

You finished the 6 steps of this guide on how to draw a scythe and have a great image at the end.

We wanted to give you a cool drawing to attract this guide, but we also wanted to make sure it was a fun and easy experience for you to work on.

After finishing this drawing, you can also add your ideas, details, and elements.

You may even project your brilliant character that could exercise this scythe! What ideas can you think about finishing this image?

When you are ready to face a new drawing challenge, you can consult our site, where we have the most guides waiting for you.

We often download new ones, so keep checking never to lose!

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