In today’s time, different types of bulbs are available in the market, which we all use in our homes.

thomas alva edison is one such name who illuminated the world. After which different types of bulbs were made. According to the changing times, some changes were made in the bulb by other scientists. After which the difference in light and low voltage bulb was prepared.

What is CFL?

The light of CFL is less than LED but provides more energy than other bulbs. Earlier, CFLs were used in large quantities. CFL is called compact fluorescent light compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). This bulb is used in places like home, school, college, hospital, office.

What is LED?

LED bulbs are being used in today’s modern use. It gives more light than CFL due to which people use in home, office, studio, school and hospitals. The light emitting action is the conductor-diode.

10 difference between CFL vs LED are as follows.


1. Lasts 8-10 thousand hours.

2. The power consumption is higher in CFL as compared to LED.

3. CFL is bigger in size than LED.

4. It is available at cheap price.

5. There is a risk of breaking the CFL bulb if it falls.

6. The longer the CFL burns, the hotter it gets.

7. Available in very small quantities in electrical shops.

8. CFL weighs more than LED.

9. CFL is easily available at low prices.

10. It is bigger in size and gives less light.


1. Lasts 50 thousand hours.

2. LED bulb consumes very less electricity as compared to CFL.

3. LED is much smaller than CFL.

4. The cost of LED is more as compared to CFL.

5. The fear of bursting the LED bulb is very less.

6. LEDs get much less hot than CFLs.

7. This type of bulb is easily available at all electronics shops.

8.The weight of led is less than CFL.

9. You have to pay more for LED.

10. It is smaller in size and gives more light.

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