When you think about motorcycle racing, you likely imagine a sleek, fast-moving machine zipping through the streets. But what about the riders themselves? What do they wear to keep them safe and comfortable during the race? The answer is a lot of bulky gear, including motorcycle race suits. And why are these suits so large and cumbersome?

The reason has to do with aerodynamics. When a motorcycle is traveling at high speeds, it needs to be as streamlined as possible to minimize drag and increase speed. This means that the suit has to be bulky in order to protect the rider from wind resistance and debris while they’re speeding down the road.

Motorcycle race suits have a hump to help with airflow and heat management.

Motorcycle race suits have a hump to help with air flow and heat management. The hump is created by the suit’s shoulder and arm pads, which are sewn together and then folded over. This creates a “V” shape that helps direct airflow to the rider’s head and neck, while also trapping body heat.

Humps on motorcycle race suits have been around for decades

Humps on motorcycle race suits have been around for decades and were first used to help keep a rider’s head and neck warm. They are also designed to help distribute the rider’s weight evenly, which helps prevent fatigue. 

Some motorcycle racing teams still use humps on their race suits, while others have switched to more traditional padding. The humped design has also been used on other types of clothing, such as jackets and hats.

Humps on motorcycle race suits are necessary for safe racing

A hump on a motorcycle race suit is essential for safe racing. The hump helps distribute the weight of the rider evenly across the hips, preventing them from being pushed down onto their seat and increasing their stability. Without a hump, the rider could easily become unsteady and lose control of their bike. 

Humps are also beneficial for aerodynamics. By creating a bump on the suit, the airflow around the motorcycle is disrupted, reducing drag and improving performance.

How motorcycle race suits work

Motorcycle race suits have a hump to help keep riders warm. The hump is made up of several layers of insulation and is sewn into the suit at the neck, chest, and waist. This type of insulation is also used in ski jackets, snowboards, and other cold-weather gear to help keep you warm. 

Race suits also have a layer of insulation on the outside of the legs and a layer of insulation between the suit and the rider’s skin. This allows the suit to ventilate, which helps keep riders warm.


Motorcycle race suits are designed with a hump because it helps the suit conform to the body more closely and reduce drag. This also makes it easier for the rider to stay in position during a race.

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