Our nature has gifted us everything to improve our health as well as the way of life. About whom you know and use them and some such gifts have also been received from our nature, about which some people know, but many people are also unaware. Their health benefits have been taken advantage of for centuries. One of these is the needle leaf of the pine tree. Also called pine needles, for centuries, the nutritious leaves of this tree have been brewed to make a tea. It is a tasty and nutritious drink that you can comfortably drink in any weather without any worries. It is full of Vitamin C.


What is Pine Needle Tea? 


Pine needle tea is consumed all over the world, especially in countries like Japan, China, Russia, Korea. But now it is slowly becoming global. This tea is a great source of nutrition during the bitter cold months. When fresh fruits and vegetables are not at home, just have a cup of pine needle tea. It is one of many traditional medicinal practices. One of the most famous examples of this is when in 1543 the Iroquois saved the dying group of Frenchman Jacques Cartier by drinking them pine ladle tea. In today’s time, you will find packets of Pine Needle Tea online or in grocery stores.


What Nutrients Are in Pine Needle Tea? 


Pine needles tea contains many beneficial nutrients. Your body needs vitamin C to build bones and connective tissue. Researchers are still in the process of identifying new compounds in pine trees. Some of the bioactive compounds identified so far include.


flavonoids – specifically proanthocyanidins, which have been associated with a number of health benefits

Amino acids – such as arginine and proline  are used throughout your body to make proteins; 

Flavor-related compounds – including alpha-pinene and isoamyl alcohol.


Health Benefits of Pine Needle Tea


According to some research, the effects of pine needle tea have been investigated. Most research has focused on identifying the molecules in pine needles and evaluating their molecules in test-tube and animal research. Its use for pine needle tea is as a treatment for scurvy. Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C, which you usually get from fruits and vegetables in your diet. Symptoms of this condition include: Weakness and fatigue Weak and broken bones in children Gum disease Difficulty in wound healing Food sources of vitamin C are available all year round, so scurvy is no longer common. But scurvy can still happen. Certain medical conditions, such as Crohn’s disease and celiac disease, can also make it difficult to absorb certain nutrients. Scurvy can happen if you are not careful with your diet.


How to Make Pine Needle Tea 


You can make your own Pine Needle Tea any time of the year. First of all, take a packet of Pine Liddle Tea, dry it a bit. And when dried, it becomes an effective tea. In a vessel, take water as required. Then heat it until it is close to boiling but not completely boiling. Too much boiling can destroy nutrients. You’ll know when you start to get a strong pine scent from the brew. Then strain the water to remove the needles and pour the tea into a mug. It is ready to be served as soon as it is cool enough to drink. Feel free to add honey for a little sweetness.


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