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Smart Car Accessories List In 2022: Find Out What’s New


Looking for your car’s advanced, convenient, and safe features to make your drive comfortable? Check out the best car accessories list for 2022.

People prefer intelligent appliances, which make everyday chores safe and easy. So why not find an advanced car accessories list to keep the vehicle organised and make the driving experience hassle-free? Whether you drive to the office, take your children to school, or go for a road trip, you need to spend sufficient time in your car.



Investing in car accessories uplifts the aesthetic factor in the vehicle. It transforms the car’s appearance by keeping it clean and organised. People prefer personalising their vehicles based on convenience, preferences, and style. As a result, you tend to look for the best in the market, from a baby seat to a waterproof car cover.


Using accessories in the car also improves its practical usability. For example, fog lights, parking sensors, and powerful LEDs make your vehicle efficient and user-friendly. It’s also important to look after the car’s interior and exterior system and keep it clean. For example, a vacuum cleaner dramatically helps eliminate the dust and dirt inside the vehicle. And a car wash shampoo keeps the outer body shiny.


Consider the following list of accessories that you must possess to improve your car’s functionality:


  1. Flexible Phone Mount

Using the phone while driving is not advisable as it might risk the driving experience. But if you don’t have a navigation system in your car, then a smartphone can help you. An adjustable and flexible smartphone holder is the best choice for mounting your phone in front of you. It enables you to drive trouble-free as it does the job usefully without you touching the phone yourself. These phone holders are affordable for anyone and should be at the top of your car accessories list.


  1. A Dash Camera

A dash cam is a practical accessory to insure your car. Road accidents or theft are unpredictable, and this tool might help you to claim your car insurance. It’s also wonderful to record the views or scenery while you travel and keep them as your memory.


  1. A Portable Mini Dustbin

After a long trip with family or friends, the car becomes filthy and full of litter inside the vehicle. It’s also an irresponsible act to throw away trash out of the car while travelling. Why not carry your portable mini trash bin with you and mark it as an essential need in your car accessories list? Keep the dustbin in your car’s centre console and collect every loot inside it to throw away later.


  1. A Car Vacuum Cleaner

Using a car vacuum cleaner to clean your car’s interior is always convenient. However, some waste particles stick to the interior and are challenging to pick up quickly. A vacuum cleaner can remove them efficiently and keep your car clean and hygienic. It’s not always possible to take the vehicle to a service centre for washing and cleaning. So, save time and money by having a car vacuum cleaner on your car accessories list.


  1. Lightweight Tire Inflator

Flattened tires tend to cause trouble if you’re in the middle of a road. A properly inflated tire maintains the fuel capacity and saves unwanted money wastage. A portable tire inflator might save you from a difficult position when you can’t find a mechanic nearby. It helps seal the leak or puncture until you find a service centre.


  1. Gel Air Freshener

Cleaning the car’s interior to eliminate any foul smell is not easy. A good air freshener for your vehicle can mask the foul odour and absorb the allergens and moisture inside your confined car space. A gel car freshener with a plastic case with changeable inserts is better. It is an essential part of any car accessories list.


  1. Modified Car Charger

Gadgets like smartphones, smart watches, laptops, etc., are integral to anyone’s life today. Multi-port chargers, specially designed for cars, can charge many devices together. This modified car charger functions as a universal charger and is a valuable accessory to keep in your vehicle.


  1. GPS Navigator/ Locator

Global Positioning System or GPS is a great car accessory for any long road trip. It enables you to locate the exact routes to your destination effectively. It will support you even if you don’t have a network or power on your mobile to use the navigation system. You must include this in your car accessories list.

  1. Car Seat Cushion

Sitting in one place inside the car is tiring, and most often, you find discomfort. Therefore, you must install a seat cushion to give some extra support and flexibility. It has a significant advantage during long journeys and will keep travel relaxation.


  1. Back/Neck Support Pillow

Sometimes driving for a long time could give you neck and backache too. It is because it’s not possible to maintain the proper posture while driving. So, a neck pillow can help to keep you sitting in the perfect alignment with your seat. In addition, its built technology won’t give you any discomfort while driving. Thus, it’s a must-have in your car accessories list.


You also need emergency kits as a part of the accessories in the car. Tools like jump starter might help you if your car battery suddenly gives up. Fire extinguishers, puncture kits, and glass breakers are excellent saviour accessories while travelling. These are functional accessories in the world of cars, while you can find many more according to your usability. If you’re interested in buying top-quality car accessories, visit CarOrbis and check out the latest trends.


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