OTG Calbe, which is more useful in mobile (phone) or computer, is as popular as mobile. If you have a smartphone then you must have heard the name of OTG and cable. The user using the mobile needs OTG cable. Anyway, OTG cable is prevalent for Android phones.

After the arrival of Android mobile, the name of OTG cable started coming on everyone’s tongue. People working in Cyber ​​Cafe, Bank need OTG Cable.

To connect from one mobile to another mobile or pen drive, OTG cable is required. The full form of OTG is – OTG Full Form – On The Go. This device works as a standard.

OTG Full Form

O = ON 


G = GO

If you connect a USB pen drive to a mobile phone, then an OTG cable is required in this situation. You can understand in this way that we use OTG to connect external device to mobile or laptop.

Talking about the need of OTG, this type of cable is needed to connect External Device, Microphone, Data Storage, External Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner.

OTG Compatibility

In today’s time, all the phones that have been brought in the market are all OTG supporting phones. Supporting OTG means that you can easily connect other external devices with the phone via cable. OTG compatibility is in the version above the operating system Android V3.1.

By the way, there is no need to worry because OTG Support is written on the top of the box or in the manual guide of all the phones that work on OTG. If you do not know, then you can check the option of OTG support by going to the system information or in the specification while buying the phone.

How to know whether OTG Cable is supported in Android Mobile or not?

First of all go to setting of mobile and search OTG. The option of OTG will appear in front of you. Apart from this, OTG Support is written on the box of the mobile phone. Whereas it is not written on the box of your mobile phone, then check the specification of the mobile on the online shopping site.

Still, if it is not known, then check directly with an OTG Cable. If your work is being done then understand that OTG is being supported in your phone.

Where is OTG used?

OTG is used in many places according to mobile and computer. OTG cable is used in works from watching movies to storing image and video files. OTG cable is used to connect other devices together in all the banking areas where the device is used.

(1.) Phone Charging

OTG Cable is used for mobile (phone) charging. If you do not have a charger for your mobile, then you can easily connect to other devices using OTG cable.

(2.) Connecting to Dslr

If you want to send Dslr Camera’s photo, video to mobile or laptop quickly, then in this situation you should have OTG Cable. Apart from this, there are many mediums using which Dslr file can be sent, but by using cable, you can transfer any file quickly.

(3.)Lan Cable

If you do not have router Wifi, then you can run internet connection through Lan cable. Whereas if you want to connect OTG to Lan Cable, then your phone should have OTG.

(4.) Mouse

If you do not have a laptop, then in that case instead of PC, you can use mouse in mobile. Using the mouse is very simple. To use the mouse in a mobile phone, an OTG cable is required.

(5) USB Fan

As you know, Micro USB is installed in USB Fan. If you connect USB to mobile then it is necessary to have an OTG cable. If you have OTG cable then you can easily connect USB Fan.

(6.) Fingerprint Scanner Device

If your shop has the facility of Aeps i.e. money is withdrawn from Aadhar card then you must know that there should be OTG cable to connect USB type finger device to mobile. At the same time, there should also be an OTG cable to connect the Micro USB scanner to the Pc.

(7) Hard Drive

If you have hard disk and you want to use on mobile then let me tell you you must have OTG cable. If you have OTG cable then you will be able to easily connect hard drive to mobile.

(8.) Keyboard

If you do not have a laptop / computer and you want to learn typing, then let me tell you that you should just buy a keyboard. After purchasing the keyboard, connect the keyboard to the mobile via OTG cable. After doing this, your keyboard will be connected to the mouse.

(9.) Game Controller

If you like to play games, then you can easily play games on mobile using the game controller. To connect External Game Controller to mobile, you must have OTG cable.

(10.) Mic

If you upload a video on a streaming site or App, then Best Mic is needed to record better sound in mobile or laptop. If your mobile does not record melodious sound then you can connect external sound recorder. In this case it is necessary to have an OTG cable to connect the sound recorder.

What is OTG Cable? How to use OTG cable?
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