A website is a collection of many web pages. Web pages or website pages are digital files that are written using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). For any website to be available to everyone around the world, it needs to be hosted on a web server connected to the Internet round the clock.

A collection of webpages is called a website. That is, a website is a medium to collect many web pages. Every website has many different web pages. Different information is stored in all these web pages.

Whenever we have to get any information, we search it on the Internet, such as searching a movie, or downloading a file, or if we want to get any information, then we can use it in any web browser (e.g. , Google Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser). Then many websites open in front of us. We visit different websites, trying to find our exact solution.

When we open any website, it is the home page of that website, which appears on the basis of our search results.

Types Of Website 

The website can be for any subject information and can also be for our entertainment. That is to say, the job of a website is to provide information and facilities. So there are many categories of them.

Mainly it is of two types –

Static Website

Dynamic Website

1. Static Website

A static website is a basic type of website that is easy to create you don’t need a knowledge of server side languages and database to create a static website.

Static website is used to provide information. 

And if a new file is to be attached to the website or to make some improvements, then a special computer code is used for that, which is called HTML.

Static website is used by most of the companies, because they have to update the information frequently. Developing this website is not very difficult.

2. Dynamic Website

Dynamic website is a collection of dynamic web pages whose content changes dynamically. it accesses content from a database. Therefore, when you alter or update the content of database, the content of the website is also alterd of updated.

For example, Facebook is a dynamic website that automatically changes daily.

One can easily change any data in these websites. Examples of this are sites like Facebook. 

A dynamic website is dynamic because you can modify it as needed, and show your data according to your personal searches.

Website Components

Webhost: Hosting is the place or place where a website is physically located. Meaning when you connect your website with hosting, then every person in the world can access your website. In this, your data (text, image, video) is saved which is connected to the internet 24*7.

Address: The address or address of a website is also known as the URL of the website. Meaning if a person wants to read the information of a website, then he has to enter the address or URL of the website in the web browser, and the webserver displays that website in front of you.

Homepage: Home page is a common and important part of any website or webpage. This is the first page that appears when any visitor opens the website. The home page of the website should be impressive in appearance.

Design: This is the final look of the website to make the website look impressive and user friendly. In which all the important elements like navigation menu, graphics, layout, navigation menu etc. are used properly.

Content: Each web page available on the website together makes up the content. Good content provided on webpages makes the website more impressive and attractive.

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