According to Parashara Rishi, there are about 82 methods of age calculation. It also determines his age. But life and death would have been according to the will of god, so no prophet should announce about it, such is the instruction of the gurus. Sometimes short life yogas occur in the horoscope but not in the horoscope. So can’t take it too seriously. The information given here is in brief and should not be considered complete. Any kind of decision can be taken completely.The death of the one who took birth is also the unchanging truth, and the one who has come to know the truth is never afraid of dying. Although knowledge about death is very rare, but there are some divine souls who are aware of death before death. The seven types of death have been told in the scriptures: Balarishta, Yogarishta, Alpa, Madhya, long, Divya and Amit. Know with this the secret of this types of death, knowing that you will be surprised.7 types of death:-Balarishta death:- it is said that the death that occurs from the birth of a human to the age of eight years is called Balarishta death. Balararishta death occurs because if there is Moon with malefic planets in the 6th, 8th, 12th house from the ascendant in the birth chart, then the person dies in childhood. Apart from this, if it is the time of solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, sun, moon, rahu, are in the same zodiac and there is a shadow of cruel planets Saturn-Mars on the ascendant, then the death of mother along with the child is also created. If there is Moon in the sixth house, Saturn in the ascendant, then the child’s father dies or he suffers death.Yogirisht death:- the death that occurs between the age of 20 years age of eight to 20 years is called yogirishta death. Yogarishta death occurs when the eighth house, being contaminated by cruel planets like Saturn, Mars and the opposite planet sitting in the ascendant, is retrograde. Due to many specific yogas, the person dies, hence it is called yogarishta. This yoga remains in full effect on Chaturdashi, Amavasya and Ashtami before the new moon. The death of the children whose parents indulge in misdeeds is also yogic.Short death :- if a person dies in the age of 20 to 32 years, it is called short terms death. The natives of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant are short-lived, but if there is any other auspicious planet in the horoscope of the people of these ascendant and the sun is in a strong position, then this yoga does not have any effect. If the ascendant is in the signs- Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and the eighth house is in the dual nature- Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, then there is a short life. If the birth ascendant is the enemy of the sun, then the person will have short life. Similarly, if both Saturn and moon are in a fixed sign or one is variable and the other is in dual nature, then the person dies between the age of 20 to 32.Middle death:- the death occurring between the age of 32 years to 64 years is called middle age death. If the ascendants usually have a middle age. If both Saturn and moon are in dual nature or one is in variable and the other is in a fixed sign, then the person will die in the middle age. Most of the people with madhyayu yoga die far away from the place of birth.Longevity yoga death:- if a person dies more than 64 years and till the age of 120 years, then that death is called longevity yoga or poornayu yoga death. If the birth ascendant is a friend of the sun, then the person attains full life. If Jupiter is with venus in the Lagana Kendra or has its vision, then the peron enjoys full life. These natives should worship Shiva and Vishnu till the last time their life.Divyayu yoga :- after the above five types of age death yoga. In fact, thi9s yoga is not related to age, but it tells how the life of a person will be. If the benefic planets Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, moon are in the center and triangle and all the malefic planets are in the third, sixth, eleventh and there is an auspicious planet or benefic sign in the eighth house, then the sum of divine age is formed in the life of the person. Amit age:- the creatures who age amit age are very rare. Deities, vasus and Gandharvas attain such age. According to this, if guru is in Gopuransh i.e. in his Chaturvarga, is in the cemter, Venus is in Paravatansh in his Shadvarga and cancer is in the Ascendant, then such a person would not be a human but a deity. There is no limit to its age and it is capable of getting the shield of death. Maa Ambe Astrologer is one of the Famous Astrologer in Ahmedabad.

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