A short story that hides lessons and lessons behind it often greatly impacts the reader, and you may even be truly amazed at what a story that does not exceed 200 words in length can leave in yourself.

If you enjoy short stories and the lessons they contain, then today’s article is for you! We collected the 5 best short stories with a deep lesson.

1. The First short story: A true friend

The story revolves around two friends who are walking in the middle of the desert. At some point in their journey, they quarreled so much that they slapped each other in the face.

The one who was beaten felt great pain and sorrow, but without saying a word, he wrote in the sand:

– “Today my best friend slapped me in the face.”

Then they continued walking until they reached a beautiful oasis, so they decided to take a bath in the lake of the oasis, but the young man who had been slapped earlier got stuck in a quagmire of mud and started drowning. So his friend rushed to him and saved him. At that time, the young man who almost drowned on a large rock wrote the following sentence:

– “Today my best friend saved my life.”

Here, the friend who slapped him and saved him asked him:

– “After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand, and now you’re writing in stone, so why?”

The young man replied:

– “When someone hurts us, we should write it in the sand so that the winds of forgetfulness can erase it. But when someone does us a favor, we must engrave it in stone so that we never forget it and the wind never erases it.”

The lesson learned from this short story:
Be tolerant, and don’t forget those who did you a favor. Do not value the things you have, but appreciate the people around you.

2. The Second Short Story: The Hungry Lion

It was a very hot day, and the lion in the forest was very hungry.

He came out of his den and searched here and there for food to satisfy his hunger. He found only a little rabbit… He caught it, and thought to himself, saying:

– “This bunny won’t fill my stomach.”

At that time, he saw a deer passing by, and he became greedy, and thought again:

– “Instead of this skinny rabbit, I’ll catch a deer and eat a hearty meal.”

And so the lion let the hare go, and went with all his speed to where he saw the deer running, but the deer was gone… The lion felt bitter and sorry and was very sorry that he had let the hare go, and now he was left hungry and without food!

The lesson learned from this short story:
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

3. The Third Short Story: The Lion and the Poor Servant

It is said that one of the servants was being mistreated by his master, so he fled one day to the forest. There he met a lion who was in pain from a large thorn stuck in his foot.

The servant summoned his courage and approached the lion and snatched the thorn from his foot, so the lion proceeded on his way without harming the good servant.

A few days later, the servant’s master went out on a hunting trip to the forest and caught many animals. On the way back, the master saw his servant, so he arrested him as well and decided to punish him harshly. So he asked his servants to throw him in the lion’s cage.

How great was the astonishment of the master and those around him when the lion approached the servant and started licking his face as if he were a pet? It was the same lion that the servant had helped him a few days before. Thus, the servant survived and, with the help of the lion, managed to save the rest of the animals.

The lesson learned from the story:
Help others, you never know when you will need them… Doing good is never wasted.

4. The Fourth Short Story: Stopped by a Stone!

One day, a successful CEO was driving his new car in a narrow neighborhood street, and suddenly he saw a little boy appearing from among the cars parked on the sidewalk, but as soon as he moved away from him a few meters, the car hit a large stone.

The manager stopped immediately and got out of his car to see where the stone hit the car, and it was as clear as the sun! The man became angry, and hurried to where the boy was standing still.
“Why did you do that? Why did you hit my new car like that!”

The director shouted in anger, and the boy replied with fear: “I beg your pardon, sir, but I did not know what else I could do. I had to throw a stone, and no car stopped to help me.”
As tears began to fall from the boy’s eyes, he continued to say, pointing to the side at the cars parked on the sidewalk:

“My brother fell off his wheelchair over there, he was hurt a lot, but I couldn’t pick him up, can you help me get him back in the wheelchair? He’s in so much pain, he’s so heavy, I can’t do it alone.”

The man was greatly affected by the boy’s story and his pleading, so he swallowed the lump in his throat with difficulty and immediately took the initiative to help the brother who was on the ground and lift him to his wheelchair, before treating his wounds.

And when he was sure that everything would be fine, he went back to his car and they were leaving when he heard the boy who threw the stone say:

“Thank you, sir, may God protect and protect you.”

The man didn’t know what to say and drove away, but the journey home was long and slow as he thought about the situation that had happened to him.

When he arrived, he took a look at his car and examined the impact of the blow on its front door, It was very clear, but he decided not to fix it, but rather kept it as it reminded him of that blow with an important message: “Don’t go through life so fast that the only way to stop you is with a stone! ”

The lesson learned from the story:
Life often whispers to us and sends us messages and signs to remind us and bring us back to the right path, but if we ignore these calls, we may sometimes have to throw heavy, painful stones that come in the form of great calamities. The choice is in front of you, either to listen to the warning messages or to receive the painful stone, so what would you choose?!

5. The Fifth short story: Waiting for the Rabbit to commit suicide!

Once upon a time there was a lazy farmer who did not like or enjoy working in the fields. Where he used to spend his days lying under the shade of a large tree.

One day while he was relaxing under the tree, he saw a fox chasing a rabbit. Suddenly, a loud crash was heard. The rabbit hit the trunk of the tree and died at the time.

The farmer immediately took the dead rabbit, leaving the fox furious, and went to his house. He slaughtered the rabbit and made a delicious dinner out of it, and sold its fur in the Siq the next day.

He thought at the time to himself: “If I could get a rabbit like this every day, I would never have to work in the field again.”

So the next day the farmer went to the same tree and lay down under it waiting for another rabbit to bump into it.

During his day he saw several rabbits indeed, but none of them hit any tree, indeed what happened to him the day before was a really rare coincidence. But he thought, “Oh that’s okay, I still have another chance tomorrow!”

And the matter continued in this way for several days, weeks, and months, so he neglected his field, and remained lying, waiting for the suicide of the rabbit. Which led to the growth of weeds in the field and the spoilage of crops, and the farms eventually starved; Because he didn’t find anything to eat, and he couldn’t catch any rabbit.

The lesson learned from the story:
Don’t waste your time waiting for good opportunities to knock on your door without doing anything. Don’t give your life to luck without working hard for success.

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