The photos taken from Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment are both grim and surreal.


One of the most dangerous serial killers in history, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, killed 17 people between 1978 and 1991. How did he avoid detection for more than ten years? Nobody is aware (aside from his neighbor, who literally  warned police about him with no success.)

there are many unanswered questions regarding Jeffrey Dahmer’s motivations, somethings will always remain a mystery. Here is all the information we have about one of America’s most dangerous serial killer.

According to AP News, the serial killer, who killed 17 men and boys, kept three human heads in the refrigerator of his fly-infested apartment. Some sources also claim that human hearts were found in his fridge.

Jeffrey Dahmer in a jail booking shot from Bath, Ohio, in 1981.

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is seen in a 1982 Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department mugshot.

True Crime Magazine publishes graphic Pictures of Jeffrey Dahmer’s sufferer

Police officer Mueller also discovered nearly 80 polaroids of naked, dismembered dead bodies in July 1991.

True Crime Magazine published an article with a series of unnerving images of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims.

According to the website, Dahmer posed his victims in certain positions in case he found their murder to be “e*otically significant.” Dahmer reportedly photographed the men to stimulate his sadistic e*otic desires and necrophilia.

Live Plants And Fish

Live Plants And Fish

Milwaukee police took a picture of Dahmer’s apartment from the entrance to show that it had the appearance of normalcy. Although the apartment was cluttered and dirty, Dahmer displayed live plants, a fish tank, and hung art.

In addition to blaming the foul smell emanating from his apartment on an unplugged freezer, Dahmer also told his neighbors the fish tank caused the unpleasant smell.

Ether And Chloroform In The Bathroom

Ether And Chloroform In The Bathroom

Historically, ether and chloroform have been used to anesthetize patients. In addition to chemicals used for preserving remains – such as formaldehyde – investigators found this chemical combo Dahmer used to subdue his victims openly displayed in the bathroom.

Dahmer also drugged his guests’ drinks with sleeping pills. Sometimes Dahmer would wait until after a consenting s*xual exchange before dosing his lovers.

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