Baby Hamburger Microwave Viral Video

Everything was going great, the pregnancy journey was all blissful, the baby shower was on point, the gender reveal brought an immense surprise, and the birth of the baby boy was top-notch. Every minute thing that happened throughout the pregnancy brought intense bliss to the couple as well as their families and friends, however, everything shattered once the baby came onto this earth.

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Just like any new mother, Emma had a bunch of pursuits as she planned everything for her newborn since the time she got to know about her pregnancy but nothing seemed to work out after the baby was born as Emma was unable to tolerate anything that was happening around her. Everything seemed like a nightmare. The baby’s cry always got on her nerves and breastfeeding was as hurtful as distress. Nothing was going great but terrible like never before.

Baby Hamburger Microwave Video

On one another terrible day for Emma, went out of her hands as she put the innocent six-month-old infant into the microwave oven, after that minute it was all a regret, a guilt, a shame to her as she found him dead. She knew nothing but to call her husband Joe while the baby was still in there, as soon as Joe reached home he saw his wife lying and weeping on the floor and that is when he knew something was wrong with her and the baby.

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He started looking for the baby but couldn’t find it in any room, he tried asking Emma but didn’t get any response. He kept asking her without giving it up, but Emma couldn’t say a word as there was a lump in her throat and later after some time she pointed her finger towards the oven. Joe rushed to the kitchen and quickly turned off the oven and opened it. At that moment Joe was devastated and had nothing to say but mourn as the baby boy was no longer alive.

Emma got to hear a lot from everyone in the family, friends, neighbors, and society for taking the life of an innocent kid who didn’t even know what was happening around him and how cruel the world is to live. But little did they all know that she was suffering to the core and deep down insane due to postpartum depression


The studies vividly show that every one in seven women goes through postpartum depression even without realizing it, a very few women understand and comprehend taking treatment while others are left untreated.

It is indeed the mere responsibility of the spouse and other inmates to keep a check on the health of a new mother to prevent such circumstances. I hope you like this article about Baby Hamburger Microwave Viral Video

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