VoIP Providers

Whether you are a residential or small business user, there are plenty of VoIP providers that are available. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. You need to find a provider that is affordable, reliable, and has the features that you need. Fortunately, there are a few companies that can help.


There are a number of VoIP Providers UK but Xinix is among the best. It offers an extensive set of features, and it has a competitive price.

The VoIP service is relatively easy to install and use. A mobile app is available for iOS and Android. It can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Xinix provides several free features. They also offer a 14-day trial, which lets you try all of their capabilities. If you decide to cancel, you can do so by calling. Alternatively, you can go online.

Customers who sign up with Xinix can choose from three plans. Each plan is based on the amount of lines you purchase. Depending on your needs, you can select a basic plan that includes call waiting, caller ID, and forwarding, or an advanced package that adds more features, such as video solutions.


There are many VoIP providers in the market, but one of the most popular is RingCentral. As of 2018, it has over one million subscribers and is used by over 100k businesses worldwide. It’s also a very reliable service.

If you’re looking for a VoIP service, you should consider a few factors, including the scalability and cost structure of the provider. In addition, you should pay close attention to the manner of the sales staff.

VoIP systems are designed to replace traditional phone lines. They’re often faster and offer more flexibility. Many of them include features such as caller ID, call forwarding and voice mail.

Lily Comms

Lily Comms is an independent provider of broadband and telephony services. Its main office is in Leeds. However, it has a base in India as well. This company offers a range of telecoms solutions from a number of different VoIP providers.

Lily Comms offers all-in-one packages, including freephone numbers, unified communications, and cloud-hosted phone systems. The company also has a number of specialist teams across the UK to help you with your requirements.

Whether you are a large or small business, VoIP can be a vital part of your telecommunications system. In order to get the most out of your service, you’ll need to choose a VoIP provider that offers exemplary customer support.


One of the newest challenges in the UK VoIP market is CircleLoop. This cloud-based telephony application offers a comprehensive range of VoIP features. It is available for both PCs and mobiles.

The CircleLoop website allows users to sign up with the company in just a few minutes. They can also access a FAQ section, blog, and knowledge base.

In addition to the phone system, CircleLoop offers an analytics panel, which shows call statistics for inbound and outbound calls. It also records voicemail messages in the cloud. These features will help managers and team leaders to monitor employee performance.

Aside from its cloud-based platform, CircleLoop also supports iPhone and Android devices. Additionally, there are configurable call menus, which allow users to select numbers from a large list of UK phone numbers.


GoToConnect is an online virtual phone system. It provides cloud-based video conferencing and VoIP calling, along with other features. The service is designed to make you more productive.

This service is especially useful for companies with a lot of remote workers. You can customize your dial plan and take calls from any device. In addition, you can have a virtual receptionist. Unlike other services, you don’t have to buy a desk phone, which can be a big expense.

If you’re looking for a solid VoIP solution with a good price tag, GoToConnect is a great choice. For small to midsize businesses, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $40 per user per month. There are also annual plans available that are usually more cost-effective.

BT Business

It’s no secret that BT is a major player in the world of communications. They’ve been around since 1846, and are well-known for their phone systems and other products and services. But did you know they also provide an excellent VoIP system?

VoIP is a form of communication that uses the internet to make and receive calls. It works on any device that has access to data, including smartphones, computers, and tablets.

There are many VoIP providers available in the UK. These companies offer a wide range of features, such as cloud-based phone systems, virtual receptionists, and even conference call capabilities.

Choosing a VoIP provider can be daunting. While there are several options, only the best offer reliability and affordability.

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