Leather never goes out of fashion, which is why we have at least one leather jacket in our wardrobe. Wearing a leather jacket gives a very bold look. Apart from jackets, many people are also fond of leather shoes and purses, but these items are equally difficult to take care of. If they are not maintained properly, then after a time they start getting spoiled. As we all know that things made of leather are very expensive. If kept in such a way, if it gets spoiled, then no one will like this thing.


If you also want to take good care of your leather jacket or shoes, then let us tell you some easy and useful tips.


Avoid getting wet


Leather items should always be protected from getting wet. In such a situation, you should avoid wearing things made of leather in moist places. If your jacket, shoes or purse gets wet, try to dry them immediately.


Do not keep your jacket folded.


If you have a leather jacket, instead of folding it, hang it in the cupboard. This will prevent wrinkles in your jacket. Even if you see slight shrinkage, you can put a cloth on your jacket and then iron it by setting the iron on the jacket at a very low setting. Remember never to use an iron directly on your jacket.


Protect from sunlight


It is also very important to protect leather goods from sunlight. Too much heat can damage leather goods. Their color may also fade. Artificial sources of heat can also dry out leather goods and cause them to crack.


Clean with a dry cloth


Whenever you wear a leather jacket or shoes, after taking them off, wipe them with a dry cloth. You can also use dust bag. This will remove the dust and dirt accumulated on it and will also increase the life of your leather items.


Take care of leather bags and wallets like this


Whether it is a handbag or a sling bag or you have a small wallet, avoid stuffing it too much. Leather is stretchy, so overstuffing it can spoil its shape and even tear it. Apart from this, you should also avoid keeping sharp things in leather bags.


Use leather conditioner


You can also use leather conditioner to clean the jacket. You will easily find leather conditioners containing wax and silicone in the market. This will keep your jacket as good as new and retain its shine.



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