If today’s tiring lifestyle has caused the most damage, then it is of the eyes. Working on laptop continuously for hours, watching mobile till late night, not sleeping on time, lack of sleep, all these causes a lot of damage to the eyes. Dark circles in the eyes, redness, sunken eyes are all eye problems. But of all these, sunken eyes are the most serious. It can also be a sign of aging, dehydration, or a major illness. This is known as enophthalmos. Sunken eyes make your eyes seem sunken inwards in your face, which makes your face look a bit hollow. Sunken eyes can also be congenital, it is not necessary that both eyes will be affected due to some condition, it can happen in one or both eyes. One can detect its presence by looking in the mirror itself.


Sunken eyes cause


Causes of sunken eyes include family history, dehydration and lack of sleep. Sunken eyes, which in medical language is called enophthalmos. Sunken eyes are also known as tear troughs when they appear hollow under the eyes. The soft skin under the eyes tends to move inwards, leaving a hollow.

Sunken eyes are also known as ‘tear trough hollows’ or ‘under-eye hollows’. However, the symptoms of the condition differ from person to person. The Cleveland Clinic also describes dryness in the eyes, double vision, trouble focusing, odd eye features and slack upper eyelids, which can result from the development of the disease.


Sunken eyes cause-



Hollowing under the eyes Dark circles appearing under the eyes Thin skin under the eyes, sometimes visible blood cells Redness around the eyes due to thinning of the skin A sagging lower eyelid due to this Fatigue on the face looks like


What causes sunken eyes?


As we age, collagen protein, the protein that gives the body its flexibility and strength, is lost. When protein levels drop, the skin becomes thinner and looser. The skin of the face is very soft, then when the skin does not get support, it starts sliding inwards. Due to which a hollowness is created.


  • Weight Loss


When you lose weight, fat is lost in all parts of the body. You will also have less eye fat, and this can cause the skin around the eyes to thin and slide inward.


  • Smoking


Smoking reduces the secretion of collagen in the body as a result of which the skin around the face can become loose.


  • Dehydration


Dehydration not only leads to dry mouth but it can also result in the formation of many bacteria and viruses in the body. Children’s eyes can be sunken due to lack of water.


  • Lack of sleep


When you do not get enough sleep, then there are deficiencies under your eyes. If this is the cause of your appearance, the condition usually disappears after a few hours and when you rehydrate your body with water and food.


When to see the doctor?


Because of this, changes in your lifestyle can be fine, but even after getting good sleep and returning bad people, if the condition continues to worsen, then you must contact the doctor

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