The Newborn Genomes Program starting in the UK from 2023 is believed to be the largest research of its kind in the world. If successful, it can be implemented across the country. There are at least 7,000 single gene disorders, most of which develop in early childhood. Every year, several thousand children in the UK are affected by a rare genetic disease, but families often face testing and uncertainty before receiving a diagnosis, as symptoms can develop slowly. It could save hundreds of families in England months, or even years, of this pain. To find out why their children are ill.

The government announced funding to build the most advanced genomic healthcare system in the world to help save lives and improve health outcomes. Cancer patients and children born with treatment-eligible rare genetic diseases are expected to benefit from earlier diagnosis and faster access to treatment after the UK government has given £175 million to cutting-edge genomics research, the Health and Social Care Secretary said. Is. £105 million to kickstart a world leading research study led by Genomics England in partnership with the NHS to explore the effectiveness of using whole genome indexing to detect and treat rare genetic diseases in newborns Have given For example, rare genetic thyroid hormone conditions, which are not detectable by the regular NHS heel prick test, and without treatment can cause developmental and learning difficulties and long-term health complications.

During the research, the genome of 100,000 babies will be sequenced, which will start in 2023. It will gather evidence to consider whether it can be implemented across the country.


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