To earn money from insta, you have to follow many rules, after which you can easily earn money. As much as you think it is easy to earn money from Insta, it is more difficult. Let us know which is the way through which one gets to earn money online.


Terms and Conditions for Earning Money from Instagram Reels 


To earn money from Instagram, the user must have at least millions of followers.


Apart from this, many users should have an eye on your video, which means that you get good views on your video.


-Your insta account must be verified.


-Your account should have a green tick. (will work even if not)


-Your video should be of good quality.


– Regular video uploading.


-Video content should be user friendly.


How to earn money from Instagram Reels


There will be a question like this in your mind that how to earn from online medium (Reels), then let me tell you if your followers are in lakhs or million, then many companies contact Instagram users to review their products, which have more followers. 


Along with having a large number of followers, the user should also be a good video content creator. If you are right in every way, then companies and online shopping pages contact you. For which you can get thousands of rupees to make an advertisement. If you do well then you are going to get many advertisements.

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Earn on Youtube with the help of Instagram Reels.


If you are a good creator, then along with creating followers from Instagram, you can also increase Subscriber on YouTube. There is an option to add a link in the description of Instagram. That is, you can put a link to YouTube in the description of Insta.


This will mean that the followers of the reels will subscribe on YouTube. In this way you can earn money by increasing subscribers on youtube.


Earning on Facebook from Instagram Reels 


If you have more followers on Insta then this is a good chance to increase followers on social media sites like Facebook. Because Facebook also pays for showing ads. If you have many followers on your Facebook page, then you can monetize the Facebook page.


Just as there is an option to earn money from YouTube, in the same way, there is an opportunity to earn money easily from Facebook.


Problems in earning money online


If you are thinking about earning money online, then let me tell you that earning money is not so easy. For this you need hard work and patience with faith. Apart from this, the rules of social sites (YouTube, Facebook) also have to be followed. If you do not follow their rules then your account may be blocked or even deleted.


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