According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it becomes mandatory to have third party insurance. This insurance is designed for a third party. Third party insurance becomes necessary to cover third party vehicle, property, death or bodily injury or damage of any kind.

Whether it is a wheeled vehicle or a four wheeler, this insurance has been made for everyone. If you drive a vehicle and there is any kind of damage or injury, death occurs to any other person, then the insurance companies complete the insurance coverage.

If your car collides with a car, third party people benefit. That is, you can say that third-party liabilities have been included.

Who Can Make Third Party Insurance Claim?

Before taking third party insurance, we all want to know that in what situation there is benefit by getting third party insurance, then let me tell you that in today’s time the government is also emphasizing on getting third party insurance. If you do not have this kind of insurance, then let me tell you that you can also be caught in vehicle checking.

At the same time, the claim of Third Party Insurance can be taken in the following situations which are as follows.

(1.) If there is damage to the property, then in this situation third party insurance claim can be made.

(2.) If your vehicle collides due to any reason, then in that case there is bound to be damage. If there is any kind of damage in your vehicles then you can claim for insurance.

Death Of The 3Rd Party(3.) Bodily Injuries This insurance is very useful in case of bodily injury. If any damage is caused to you or your vehicles, then you can claim third party insurance.

(4.) In case of death of third party, his family gets some help by insurance companies. That is, if another person gets hurt, then you can claim insurance.

Features of third-party car insurance

Before taking third party insurance, it is necessary to know about its features. This insurance will prove beneficial for you and the third person as well. When the third party is injured, the third party does not get the benefit of insurance by the insurance companies

Personal accident cover is not opted for in case your car has an accident somewhere. It covers injuries caused in a car accident.

In case the owner of the car or bike gets injured then third party insurance is not covered.

It does not fulfill the requirement of a third person.

Why is third party insurance necessary?

In today’s time, insurance for third parties is very important. Third party insurance is required when the insured vehicle collides with another vehicle. It does not cover similar damages but helps the aggrieved person to claim compensation. Apart from this, it also covers the damage caused to the vehicle.

In the case of a car, insurance claims up to Rs 7.5 lakh. But it depends on their condition.

What is Third Party Insurance in website Hindi post? Important information has been shared about The features of third party insurance have also been told in this post. If you have any type of vehicle, then you must get third party insurance.

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